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Library becoming a “maker hub”

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Newmarket Public Library is becoming part of the “maker” movement.

To introduce new technology to the community and to encourage people to design and create their own objects, the library is developing what it calls a Maker Hub. When fully operational, the space will include a 3D printer, a digital vinyl cutter, and a Mac workstation with a microphone for digital media editing.

The library is already offering 3D printer service with its MakerBot Replicator. Residents are able to take a free one-hour 3D Printer Certification Course to teach them how to find and format print files, as well as how to begin designing objects using free Web-based software such as TinkerCad. They can then send their print jobs to staff for printing, for a fee of $1.00 plus 5 cents per minute of printing time.

“Technology like this encourages people to create and innovate,” says library CEO Todd Kyle. “With a movement already afoot to establish a full industrial maker space in Newmarket, the library wanted to provide an entry point for the next generation of makers, as part of our commitment to learning and digital literacy.”

The Maker Hub space will take up part of a storage room on the second floor of the library, and is being funded partly by a special technology grant from the Ontario government called the Ontario Libraries Capacity Fund. In addition, the library is welcoming donations to help fund its technology programs.

The library hopes to launch the full Maker Hub in the spring. More information can be found on their website at .